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you don't see it so much therr, %-fertii is here to tell us juut how much rain we got yesterday and what we're expecting even more for the rest of the week. actually e got about a an inch rain where we measuredd3 officialll at the airport. now the heaviess rain is east %-that is why ww weren't seeing anyyhing in that shot. some places arr saying we are getting heavy rain like in frederick county..3 the atlantic ocean if you happen to be there right now which you are ot. and showees that could be heavier toward the eastern shore.3 that part we got lucky about. showers moree n the waa and place, though are much of thee3 west side of the cheeapeake bay through 8:000thhs morning. 65 degrees at the bus stop. the umbrella on hand is a good idea. 73 degrees starting out in surroonding area in the upper
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%-topping out at 80 degrees at 4 evening and 72 drying out by 6:00 p.m. what is happening on the -oadways right now? well, lauren cooke has the answer and the trackkenn. lauren? well, thank you, steve. we do have a building that has -ollapsed in west baltimore. it's a vacant row hooe and no one has been injured but it's affecting traafic in northfield3 avenue and norfolk avenue. you can stick with park or ellicott aaenue, and we have an accident thatthas shutdown %-corridor of 95, no probllms to report innthe whitemaash area. here ii a live look north of the 83, thh cars are mooing alongg3 the northbound and southbound lanes just fine. you're lloking at a 4-minute ride witt an average speed of 55 miles per hour. from 95 to 88, that stretch is goinn to take you 11 minutes. there you're looking at an
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average speed of 54 miles per hour. ww will remain clear from 795 with an 11-minutt trip with an avvrage speed of 55 mills per houu. ttat's the traffic edge report, ppatrice, back to you. he videotaped hisstraffic -top and was charged with violating maayland's wiretapping laa. now a judge rules that the motorcyclist did not commit a crime. city police head quarer headquah the latest on ruling aad what it means to the public when it comes to video taping police -or all oo youuif you see a police officer, and you have a camera on your cell phone, it i3 no longer considered a violation -f marylann's law according to ú%is one judge. it's the debate that sparkkd after it yyutube video surfaced. listen in. >> get off the motorcycle. >> reporter: that is anthony
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graber recording hii daytime riie with his reccrding heemet. it caught he maryland state trooper on plainclothes. you can see he officer pull his gun and ttll graber to get ff of his motorcycle before he even ideetifies himself as a police officer. graber was tten charged with violating maryland's wiretapping -aww our state requires the consent of both parties to ecord a private conversation, but now a judge says thii does not count aa a private conversation. >> those recordings are frequently the onnl reason that public isconduct ever comes to ú%ggt and they are typically the ú%ly reason that public officials are actualll able to be held accounttble. >> this was a situation where gebbagain they had a belief thaa violation of the law ay have occurred. they went to the couuty's state attorney's office for a review. we were told to puusue charges and that is wwat occurred.
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>> reporter: yesterday that harffrd county judge rules that of privacy. when hh arrested graber and the wiretapping law does not apply. relieved. heeis facing the traffic violationncharges, though. live frommcity headquarters, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. a man is deaddafter a fight in baltimore county, pooice were called to stone gate court iniesville t 11:30 last night. when they arrived, they found a man lyinggon the street. they saw people fighting and the police are still looking for the suspects. >thh suspect who stabbed a man at security square mall in baltimore county is still n the %-it happened yesterday at about 11:00 a.m. the victim is a student at the north ammrican ttade ccool whichhis located inside of thee3 mall. he was stabbed n the back and taken to shock trauma. there's no word on his condition. anne arundel ccuntt police are searchinn for the driver who
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they say hit a teenager while he was out ridiig his bike ooer the weekend. the 16 years old was on sunrise3 beacc road near tte veteran %-he was hit by behind.iht when he ent to shock trauma and is expected to be okay. >> of thh innestigators are looking for a maroon sierra. thee believe it could be a maroon colorr anyone wwih information is asked to contact anne arundel county police. a patient llegedlyytold patient after kissinn her.w 45 years oll susan achs was found deaa in her room at the maximum security hospital on -aylor has been chaaged n her -urder. he told police that after brinsprinn around her neck. >> we saw some statements givvn believe he is theeindividual wh3 committed the crime. the surveillance within the
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hospital -- >> both tayloo and sachs had been placed attthe state hospital afttr being foond not ccrminally responsible for a murder. a man who is a high rankkng the blood's gaag ii to be sentenced today in a death of stephen pariih. rowlings rdereddother members to killing parish beccuse e thought parish was gay and that would make the gaag look weak. a man accused in the drunk drrvinn of a howard county poliie say aaron orsong was auguss on route 8. that is when he eventually ú%lled benjamin wirt man. he was aaso charged with hhroin possession. it's dangerous, ann in three days it will also b illegal, driving while using a cell phone in maryland is a $40 finee3 starting oo friday.
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%-joel d smith is live in timonm with some answers. this is going to require some equipment, joel.ú >> reporter: it will, first let's poonn out that it's a secondary offense. if you don't have ann movement be buuged by this at all.ú it definittly makes you safer when you arr not using your hands tootalk and you're using them to drive. this is a hands free device and here to tell us more about how things have beenngoing, especially with sales we ave3 roger. i got to imagine that here communicction electronics it has >> has been. the closer we have otten to october irst, thh more and more awareness there's been out in the public. we have seen a lot of interest in our stores. they are buying aaternative devices for hands free. >> reporter: do you feel people understand the law or are they coming in asking questions? >> and i ttink they understand the remise of the law and that is theeycan't e seen talking with a hands held come on >> reporter: ssoe of tte very low enndandd s the corded piecs
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that plugginto a jack to your phone and go over the ear. thatt >> 30, ann 30 and then it goes3 up. tooth starting at $40, these fit over the ear or in the eer depending of the type. >> reporter: wwat about the most expensive one? >> the most exxensive one cuus out the a ambient noise and betr quality. >> reporter: how much for the moreeexpensive one is this. >> 80 to $130.3 $300 a lot of options ann they have been very busy, only thhee %-i'm glad they're preeared ffrh it. >> reporter: if you are under 18. those won't help you t all. you are not allowed o talk on
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the phooe at all in any format. >> and of course, no texting..3 >> reporter: no texting. i avv roubbl hearing you. i got to get one of thess. you work on that. a group aiminn at the clean up oo the bay heads to the harbor. hundreds of people are expected -o show up at a rally at theú chesspeake bay. leaders to support the state alllof the water shed states their restoration plans to the epa earlier this month. ú%their young daughter survive. my dream of megan would be that she -- i'm going to cryy get a glimpse insideemegan's world. and we talk about the need for rain. we ottsome yesteeday, about an inch. take a look. the numbers keep going on the numbers keep going on because on thursday we
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it is 5542 on this tuesday out there, but not everywhere this morning. we thought we would haveeit we're seeing it concentraaed inn county, you are seeingg3ú hagerstown heavy rain that is heavv there. too bad. a light shower in spots. eastern shore is being spared by a lottof moisture that ii ught in the atlantic. the movement, south north, right ú%ong the south and north pathway and it's moving again for hat area, but it's not spreading as we typically would see it often from west to east and bringing it across the state. instead thh missiig rainngoes off to the east and the atlantic ocean it stays there it looks like, as a lot of tropical moisture stays to the nnrth.
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-nstead it looos like we're concerned.ed as far as that is meanwhile ttere's more chances for rain which we could use certainly, oming from the south. not just todaa eether, it looks like thursday, there's a better chance of heavy downpours and we will talk about why in a jjst a %-a flash-flood watch at thh ú%esapeake bay until 10:00 aamm and a coastal flood warningg3 ú%til the chesapeake bay, and the west side of the chesappake bay until 5:00 .m. >> you see the low pressure center thht ii moving north with %-us the rain this morning.ought it's moving north and eve. here is coming to swwtch. hurricane for that matter. it has ttopical chhracteristics and lot of the tropical moisture is going to ove our way bringing a lot offmoisture depending on tte timing of that ú-downppurs and thunderstorms then. it would be on thursday. between the wo we get a drier day tommrroww we ill enjoy
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that, too. 72 n d.c. 72 in salisbury and hagerstown. 78 and a mild start to tte day. we ill be lookkng at the winns that will be picking up at 5-fitch mile!!15 miles per hour. the shower and thunderstorm still chancey for this lattr morninn and south with a 15-mile 15--mile-an-hhur wind gusttng tt 25 and even higher. the central part of the state gettiig up to 85 degrees for a high. gusting higher and the showers later this morning and into tte early afternoon. 766degrees for the western part of the tate with some showers. partly cloudy ovvrnight.3 the winds out of the southwest -ecominggnorthwest at 5-15.3 it cools down from the 80 today. heavy raii comes back, weethink. depending on the ppth of that low coming up the coast. 72 on friday, mstly sunnyyand then cooler wwather for the weekend. 68 and 64 foorsaturday and sunday.3 66 degrees n monddy with mostly clear ssies. now we need to check on theú
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roadways once agaan hereeis laurrn cookk with the traafic eege. lauren?3ú thank you, steve..3 well, the rain is making the roads a little slick this morning so yoo do want to bb extrr careful assyouuhead out. weecontinueeto follow breaking news out of west baltimore where a row home has collapsed shuttinggdown norfolk avenue. %-one has been been injured so u do want to stick with wall park avenue as an lternate. and as loog as an acccdent in baltimore couuty right in middle you can stick witt hawthornnroad this morning. fortunately all of our main %-clear.e lookinngniie andd3 as we take a look at 195, you moving norrhboond and souttbound lanes just fine. speeds are clocking in t southbound lanes.úú%ong the ii will remmin clear as we hhp on to the par!beltway. everything is up to he speed in harford road.ú
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he finds himself in the battleeof his life. he is facing mounting bills and a medical myytery. kathleen cairnn and [ laughter ] >> reporter: at this parkville home that proudly displays the ccuntry's colors. >> this picture over here of aadrew and megan. >> reporter: the inside walls3 are deccrated with images in >> we took all of thii pictures. >> reporter: one boy. >> we have andrew up here. he was n my cousinns wedding. >> carlie and was another milestooe for the famill. >> we were happy toohave anotheú girl, a hhalthy girl. >> i was 4. ú%wws a little kid. >> reporter: 6-year-old
5:49 am
%-family history n daddy and >> reporter: as she slips througg the aabum. >> ddddy bbrping megan. >> repooter: her brother andrew holds 2 yearr old megan. >> first we started with diapers. -> reporter: a brief biology lesson. >> we had megan in the middle of a family baby boom. >> reporter: life seemed perfect, just a bit slow for >> we would just holder. she would just lay there.3 >> she couldn't hold her head uu. it waa almost as if she wouud hhad. >> reporter: even her brother and sister noticed. >> she wasn't crawling or standing t the appropriate age. >> megan. >> reporter: they sought help from a long list of medical expeett. >> it's a 15 mooth of testing we finally got a diagnosis.
5:50 am
genn. >> reporter: an exttemely rareegenetic disorder. >> i haveeno idea hy this happened. >> so far we're ot aware that worrd. >> at oor age sse should be able to do everything. %-but has a love for sound.ak. >> this is it. that was the one hing we used on at he beginninn once they no, they said she can live a long healthy live, maybe not normal but long and healthy. ,3 >> reporter: so now their days are filled withhtrips too3 the hospital for megan. >> hi. >> hi, how are you, my? >> hi, megan. >> reporter: the a the
5:51 am
kennedy craiger institute megan gets heep from a team of mmdical experts. exxuse me. >> reporter: and genetic counnelors. >> there's not a genetic cure is therr's no way that we can fix %-diagnosis insight on how to handle megan's case.3 >> the peoppe with this, they are prone to have seizures. >> reporter: medical billss3 have alreedy surpassed $2 million. -p>> yeah! my, my, my!3 >> reporter: back t hhme. >> reporrer:: megan is most comfortable. >> my dream of meggn would be that she -- i'm going to cry. >> bless you. >> that woulddlive a normal life
5:52 am
and happy and healthy.ú >> reporter: they concentrate on her strengths. i wouud love for there to beú a ccre, but i don't that wouldd3 ever haapen. view. >> reporter: of megan's world. [ laughterr] >> shh issaagift and i wouldn't trrde her for anything. >> that's our man. just make her the best that she can be. >> reportee: in baltimore county. >> she is happy, then we're happy.3 >> reporter: kathleen cairns, megan'' parents have started the miracle for megan founndtion research. the first annual mile for mmgan -k will be held at cockeysville. later on fox 45 morning news, biiing into a burger. delicious. where you can kind the best
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good morning, everybody. 3 sports. after the ravens win on sunday, %-of all..3 ost asked question how is ray rice's knee? we hhve some information on that yesterday and it might not be as ú%d as it was feared. rice injured his knee in the 4th quarter against tte browns and left the game not to return. and the results have the ravens feeling pretty up beat. it showed no damage whatssover to the ligaments or tar cartila, it's basically a veryy ad bruisee >> we got the mri back. i'm suue itts a significant cootusion. we will see how he fares throogh
5:56 am
the week. he has proved himself again. if he gets the chance to run the ball, he can do it, too, so we ú%ke the running back situation. do.ks coming to the game. >> lsewhere, he is now 42 years oll, buu at least one nfl team thinks that matt stover might still have some left in the snea. missedda 29-yard line. stover kicked for the colts who bowl. the world of pro ffotball loss a true legend, georgee3 lblandelide. he is best remembered for theú
5:57 am
1973 season. he then made the 43-year-old -lend a natiinal folk her hero. he was inducted in the pro hall the college game and i big honor, danny o'brien has beee nnmed rook owe o rookie of the e acc. o'brien was 18 to 27 for ú%0 yards and two ouchdowns %-owe ryyn led the terps and hd a rating of 1.68.5. thattis the 7 highest in the nation for a freshmannthis yearr the contest.%you can go to foxbm the weekk on high school game of maybe you will see your school this friday night. a few field hockey matches. and patterson mil in harford
5:58 am
county. and overly in football, and carroll county battle and spauldingg nd maryville and to cast your3 vote. ú%d that is your morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham, fox 45 no matter wheee you're fromm we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us photoo showing of 3q
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